Possessed Skull - 3D Printed miniature for Tabletop D&D RPG

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This listing is for a single unpainted highly detailed miniature. This is perfect for any tabletop RPG including Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. The miniature is professionally 3d printed and cured at 32 mm scale and is ready to prime and paint.


The models have had their supports removed and while great care has been taken to remove all supports, prints can sometimes have small marks or holes like all miniatures which may require a bit of sanding and cleaning


Fighting demons was always an easy feat for the mighty warrior. Contracts became increasingly regular as he gained a distinguished reputation and traveled the world rescuing villages from evil spirits and monsters alike.

This was until one day, his arrogance became his demise.

The warrior was bid to fight a new kind of foe, located within an ancient tomb of the far southern deserts of Altor. He was warned of the dangers but did not heed their warnings. Upon his admission, a mighty boulder sealed the way and the tunnel passage was filled with rubble.

He faced a wicked spirit in the darkness, a slave of a mighty demon named Zamma. The spirit decapitated him with black magic which, in turn, cursed him for eternity.

Once the mighty warrior had fallen, he was forced to remain in the world as a floating skull and fulfill evil deeds in the name of the evil demon, Zamma.