Steel Wolf - Artificer Familiar - 3D Printed miniature for Tabletop D&D RPG

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This listing is for a single unpainted highly detailed miniature. This is perfect for any tabletop RPG including Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. The miniature is professionally 3d printed and cured at 32 mm scale and is ready to prime and paint.


The models have had their supports removed and while great care has been taken to remove all supports, prints can sometimes have small marks or holes like all miniatures which may require a bit of sanding and cleaning


They called it an abomination. A disgrace to artificers across the realm. The creation that Tombal had poured his heart into was ridiculed relentlessly by the order. They would come to regret every word that they uttered against him.

After Tombal left the order with his mechanical wolf, his mind became increasingly set on vengeance. The thoughts overwhelmed him. A long week of plotting passed before he returned to the Artificer’s Workshop.

Tombal set his ‘abomination’ against his order of artificers. With mechanical teeth gnawing at their flesh, the artificer gnomes were cast aside as they suffered a terrible and bloody fate.

The mechanical wolf now roams the land with Tombal astride. Download the STL file to 3D print the artificer’s wolf and choose their destiny!