Lilith - 3D Printed miniature for Tabletop D&D RPG

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This listing is for a single unpainted highly detailed miniature. This is perfect for any tabletop RPG including Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. The miniature is professionally 3d printed and cured at 32 mm scale and is ready to prime and paint.


The models have had their supports removed and while great care has been taken to remove all supports, prints can sometimes have small marks or holes like all miniatures which may require a bit of sanding and cleaning


Being a demon can be a gruelling and tedious task at the best of times. On occasion, Lilith likes to venture to the planes of mortals, to torment the locals - particularly the vulnerable middle-aged men (drunkards stumbling home from the local inn).

Wives of the tormented mead-heads despised the beautiful and hideous demon temptress. Lilith the Grisly they would utter under their breath (in pure jealousy, of course). The tormented villagers of the Shuwa region cried desperately for help. Their calls were answered.

Brave adventurers from every corner of the realm are rallying to claim the prize, even the half-orcs want to dig their claws into the prize!

Will you rally to claim your prize? Can you defeat Lilith? Perhaps use a drunkard as bait? Or if you’re brave enough, face her head on?