Erinyes - 3D Printed miniature for Tabletop D&D RPG

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This listing is for a single unpainted highly detailed miniature. This is perfect for any tabletop RPG including Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. The miniature is professionally 3d printed and cured at 32 mm scale and is ready to prime and paint.


The models have had their supports removed and while great care has been taken to remove all supports, prints can sometimes have small marks or holes like all miniatures which may require a bit of sanding and cleaning


Erinyes soared amongst the frosted tips of Vaka Peaks, weaving in and out, gliding carefully to avoid clipping her magnificent feathered wings on the jagged surface.

Her objective was clear: assassinate the unsuspecting duke of the kingdom and watch the people fall apart, killing and terror happened to be two of her favourite pastimes. She never questions her contracts, the client crosses her palm with gold and Erinyes fulfils the darkest of deeds.

Because she is able to disguise herself as an angel, traveling safely through the realm was never too challenging. Civilians deem her to be a graced presence in their land. How naive they are. Erinyes acts alone, associates are for the weak.

Join Erinyes in assassinating key political figures throughout the realm.